Obsidian is clean and simple technology – like you want your revenue cycle to be.

your team around your revenue cycle
your team around your revenue cycle
Increase Money
(who here likes cash?)
days (and daze) in accounts receivable
denials and black hole accounts
Increase Productivity

Obsidian: The critical insight to your revenue cycle

Analyze and see exactly how to fix problems – as they occur. Redefine productivity by focusing on results – for each department, role, and individual. See the whole picture all at once, from the top down, to improve results. In the end, you will have the efficient solution that you’ve needed all along to simplify the way your revenue cycle runs. With Obsidian, you won’t get left behind by the other guys. Download The Solution Brief Schedule a demo
$12.6 million

in black hole accounts found in the average demo.

in 30 minutes

Obsidian can find the majority of black hole accounts.

Reduce receivables by

6 days

Why Obsidian?

A unique way of thinking. A simple way of managing. A clear perspective. We are the view from above. We are the shortcut that doesn’t cut corners. Most of all, we are the bridge to greater healthcare revenue stream efficiency that doesn’t just help you keep up with the bigger guys. We get you ahead with technology that leapfrogs their old ways of thinking. Instead of just leveling the playing field, we tilt it in your favor. Isn’t that what they would do? Learn More

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