A unique way of thinking. A simple way of managing. A clear perspective.

Who we are

We are the view from above. We are the shortcut that doesn’t cut corners. Most of all, we are the bridge to greater healthcare revenue stream efficiency that doesn’t just help you keep up with the bigger guys. We get you ahead with technology that leapfrogs their old ways of thinking. Instead of just leveling the playing field, we tilt it in your favor. Isn’t that what they would do? For over three decades, we have saved our clients tens of millions of dollars. In fact, our software can find you millions of dollars within 30 minutes. But most importantly, once our software has identified the revenue stream currents that are holding you back, it shows you how to prevent them from ever slowing you down again. Don’t believe us? Trial your revenue cycle data for free to see how simply Obsidian can build the bridge to where you want to go.

Why are we different

Right now, you are rowing against that current. You are taking on water, and what are your options for moving ahead? Most software companies will offer to patch that leak in your boat, or give you a second paddle. But then you’ll still be fighting that current, still a step behind that bigger hospital with its fancy motor. You need a new way of moving forward. That’s what makes us different. Together, our team has over 50 years in healthcare technology and services experience. We got tired of fighting the currents, not seeing what lies ahead. So we built a new way of doing business. Instead of playing by the same rules, we move you ahead by getting you above the revenue stream. We break down healthcare revenue cycle inefficiencies and pull everything into a simple single solution. Now, we are inviting you to cross over to the new side of revenue stream management. Why Obsidian, you ask? Because we’ve found and recovered tens of millions of dollars in lost receivables. More importantly, we can help you from losing millions more. Isn’t that money you could use? While you’re at it, how about making your organization more efficient, productive, and accountable at all levels. Yup, Obsidian does all that for you too. And you don’t have to wait months to see results. We can get you moving in as little as two weeks! We have been in your place, so we know what you are looking for. Obsidian is the tool that we wish we had years ago. You can have it now. Trial your revenue cycle data and see how simple it is to get ahead.

Our core values

Remember values? Your healthcare revenue cycle is about money. But it’s about more than that, too. Really. At Obsidian, you are the focus of our values, because we have been there. We all want to make and save more money, but we also like to sleep at night. When you work with us, you experience:
  • Integrity & Honesty – we mean it, honest
  • Flexibility – we bend to fit your needs, not the other way around
  • Commitment & Passion – it kills us to see companies waste their time, energy, and money with the same old systems
  • Creativity & Innovation – because that’s how you change the way things are done
  • Uncommon perspective – we see the big picture and want to show you the way
We know, everyone says something like that. Being good is like being powerful. If you have to tell people you are, you probably aren’t. Let us show you. Ask our customers about us. Either way, try us out.